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The Best Portable Weaving Looms

Whether you are a beginning weaver purchasing your first loom or a seasoned
artist ending the search for the perfect portable loom, you will be
thrilled with their precision and ease of use.

At Mirrix Looms we don’t just make looms, we weave on them too. We ensure that every piece of equipment we design and manufacture is engineered to accomplish its single task: to allow its user to easily create a professional-quality piece of artwork.

Why a Mirrix? Because it’s the best loom out there. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional tapestry or bead weaver, we have a Mirrix that’s right for you.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of a Mirrix Loom:

Mirrix Looms are tapestry looms and bead looms, but they’re also much more. We have customers who weave wire, paper and found objects and many who use their looms for inkle weaving, Saori Weaving, lace making and more.

Even the largest Mirrix Looms are portable and have fold-out legs for easy storage under a bed or in a closet. The smaller looms are perfect to throw in a bag and take to a workshop or on vacation.

Mirrix Looms are made primarily of copper and aluminum. This makes them the strongest looms on the market. Once, Mirrix’s President Claudia Chase ran over a loom with her car. It was fine.

 Mirrix Looms work. They are precision engineered for functionality and designed to last a lifetime.

Whether balanced on your lap, upright on a table or on the floor, sitting on a stand or leaning on a pillow while you weave the world in bed, each Mirrix loom is perfectly balanced to fit into every aspect of your creative life.

Made in America 
Mirrix Looms and accessories are lovingly handcrafted in the United States.

The Mirrix Community
When you buy a Mirrix Loom you are entering a community of artists and craftspeople who not only care about their work, but about their fellow weavers. Please join our Facebook group and see how much fun we have!

At Mirrix we believe in sharing information. Explore our site for free projects, tutorials, weave-alongs and more! 

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"I am so happy with my 16″ loom. Anyone who has trouble with tension on other loom, this is the one for you. The first time I loomed, I made a bracelet. When I took it off the loom, it looked perfect. The Mirrix Loom is the most wonderful invention." 


Donna Douglas

"The Mirrix tapestry loom combines the simple elegance of a portable frame with a modern invention. Its clever solutions for warping, set control, and shedding are logical and precise. A graceful synthesis of traditional weaving methodologies, the Mirrix tapestry loom is itself an example of fine craftsmanship." 

Carol K. Russell Author of The Tapestry Handbook

"Who knew that after many decades of trying every kind of hand work I could find, I found the perfect way to combine my two greatest loves; fiber and beads. The flexibility built into the Mirrix looms, along with the durability you'd expect, allows me to go anywhere the creative spirit moves me." 

Patricia Wolff